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Maximum Power Device For Complex Project: Johnson Level And Tool 40-0912 Laser Level Review

If you want the laser level that should be accurate in measurement and aligned perfectly, then you must choose a device that is high and reliable in value. We have come up with one of the perfect and professional devices for you, and that is Johnson Level & Tool 40-0912 Cross Line Laser Level. Let us tell you about some of its prominent features.

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Johnson level 40-0912 laser level is a self-leveling laser level that can adjust itself accordingly, and you don’t have to move the device while working. The self-leveling is a blessing for all the beginners who can’t deal with the manual device, and who are unable to set angles at this point.

Working Range and Battery Life:

The working range of laser level is about 100ft so you can use this device for indoor projects and small outdoor projects. The battery life of this device is also durable and can work up to 12 hours without any interruption, once you charge it completely. It works on 3AAA alkaline batteries.


Accuracy is of great importance especially when you are working on a beginner’s level project, and you are testing the device for accuracy and precision. The accuracy of this device is about +/-1/4” at the distance of 35ft. You will love the results by this device, and there will no disturbance in accuracy, although lighting conditions may create some delay.

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Mounted Accessories:

At the time of working on some sort of application, no matter if it’s indoor or outdoor, you need something to adjust your device on to. This model has come up with a tripod stand, and you can mount the device on it. The tripod and device both have the potential to grip the rough and vibrating surface without disturbing your work.

Other Features:

Johnson Level and tool 40-0912 laser level as other features as well included a hard shell carrying case, laser glasses, a complete kit, warranty of 3 years, IP54 rated to protect the device from any kind of harsh weather conditions and rain as well. You will enjoy working with this model, especially when you are a beginner and getting all the features at such an affordable price.
Benefits of Using Johnson Level and Tool 40-0912 Laser Level:

* It’s a self-leveling laser level, and it can protect the device from unnecessary damage due to IP54 rated feature.

* This model is an inexpensive and suitable companion for all the beginners out there who can’t spend thousands on professional laser level.

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40-0912 is known as one of the top rated laser levels that can make your work top-notch, and you won’t be disappointed when it comes to accuracy and precision. From inner pendulum to user-friendly mechanism, it has everything you were looking for inexpensive laser levels available in the market. This will fulfill all your professional needs.


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